Roberta Hoffman Graphic Design & Illustration

Creative graphic design that amplifies your objective, targets your audience, and increases your revenue.

The Design Challenge:  Analysis of Your Objective

To discover your design goal, I interview you about your business objectives, ideas for your project, target market, possible competition, promotion plans, and more.  I research how your competitors communicate with design, and ways to visually position your project.

Creative Concepting

This information provides a starting point for forming creative ideas: I analyze the material and put it through a creative brainstorming session which includes mind-mapping, sketching, and looking at the objective in different ways.

Idea and Collaboration

After creative concepting, I present you with several concepts from which to collaboratively fine tune your message.


  • Print design and development including logos, stationary, posters, brochures, ads, DVD covers, flyers, press kits, t-shirts and more.
  • Illustrative design with custom illustrations,  hand-lettering for logos and taglines.
  • Website design, development and architecture incorporating HTML4, CSS3, some Javascript, and/or WordPress.

Skills summary

  • Over a decade of experience designing effective print and web solutions for small business and large companies.
  • Ability to quickly grasp the needs of an organization and translate this intelligence into a concise design approach that provides excellent results.
  • Highly creative and perceptive; strong communication and customer service skills.